TRIP Pro access extended to end March: use it or lose it!

The national NHS subscription to Trip Pro has been extended until the end of March 2018. A reminder that access to Trip Pro is via IP address: you should get seamless access to the ‘Pro’ version of Trip from the NHS network. The features that come with NHS England-wide institutional Trip Pro access, over and above the free version of Trip, are listed hereIn the New Year, HEE will be seeking some feedback from you about the value of the Pro content and features to you and your organisations, to help determine whether it should continue to be funded centrally.

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Resource of the week #11: Creative Christmas

As the Yuletide season approaches I thought that I’d engage in a little Christmas spirit and offer a few resources to help you out with the coming festivities.

First up is a series of creative craft items – who doesn’t love a bit of glitter? (Though now apparently you need to get bio-degradable glitter) – as well as some fun-filled treats.

I used Pinterest to search for these craft ideas – no systematic search here, I just chose what I thought looked fun and reasonably easy. Most of the links go to blog items from hobbyists and some related companies. Be aware that the pages will include a lot of adverts.

Creative Crafts

Fun-filled Treats

Having mentioned Blue Peter – here is the bp arts and crafts page for more ideas.

Have fun everyone!

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Resource of the week #10: Medical Masterclass

What is it?
Medical Masterclass is an online learning resource developed by the Royal College of Physicians London. You can practice questions for the MRCP (UK) (part 1 and 2) written examinations.

Key Features
There are 12 Medical Masterclass printed textbooks available at both LERC (Stafford) and the Health Library (Royal Stoke). These include core skills as well as medical specialities. They support your development and study for the MRCP (UK) exam.

You can then use the online Medical Masterclass resource to take mock MRCP (UK) Part 1 and Part 2 exams.

How can it help you?
You can practice for the exam – there are over 2,200 questions. You can compare your results against other users.

How to access it?
The online material is only available to NHS staff at UHNM. To access the online material, please contact staff at LERC (Stafford) for a username / password.
The book collection is available from each library.

Proquest database problems on UHNM network Fixed

The Proquest database provides NHS athens users with access to ejournals and articles on the Medline and PsychInfo databases.

The problem we experienced logging on to the Proquest databases from the UHNM network have now been fixed. If anyone continues to encounter any problems please get in touch.